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The Learning Curve
By: Amethyst Jackson

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AU and AH. Short chapters with daily updates. When Bella’s boyfriend brings up the
issue of her virginity with his ex, she decides to take charge of her own fate. Now
complete with occasional snippets to come.


Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 138 –
Words: 83,353 – Reviews: 13,571 – Favs: 3,187 – Follows: 2,876 –
Updated: May 14, 2012 – Published: Oct 31, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7512901



The Lonely
By: Mrs.Robward


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It’s been said that the difference between love and fate is that you can fall in love with anyone,
but fate will decide who you’ll love in the end. Too bad Bella Swan no longer has any faith in
love or in fate.

Refrigerated smiles

By: HereSometimes





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I turn to walk back to my truck but edward calls out my name, warm and firm.
“you hate me right?” a laugh blurts out of my chest before i can stop myself but
it’s okay because he’s laughing too. from my stance in the parking lot i can see
not more than lauren and his shiny white teeth. “it’s okay. i’m not angry. that ice
cold gaze of yours, it really exhilarates me.”

Grad Night NEW

Grad Night
By: RobzBeanie

One last high school event changes Bella’s life in ways
                                                           she never imagined.
                                            ** BANDWARD CONTEST ENTRY **

Ticking Time Bomb
  By: KleoCullen
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(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)
Bella Swan was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago. Her cancer is growing rapidly and
she knows she only has a few more weeks left, before she will die. In that time she tries
to make up with 3 loved ones that hate her. One of them is Edward Cullen,
her ex-boyfriend who has no clue that the reason Bella broke up with him was
her cancer. Will they forgive her before its too late?

Forget Her Not

Forget Her Not  
By: CrimsonHarps
Image result for Forget Her Not   By: CrimsonHarps

Bella has hated Edward for years, but thanks to a recent head injury,
she doesn’t seem to remember who he is let alone her feelings of intense hatred.
 Meanwhile, Edward decides to have some fun with his favorite adversary
  when the opportunity arises. What’s a girl who can’t remember supposed
to do when her sworn enemy claims they’ve secretly been friends with
benefits for months?

Harkhams Case
by Scarlettplay

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AH, OOC. B/E. “If it’s not Asperger’s, then what is it?” Bella asked. Alice paused

before answering, “We don’t know what he has. He was the first documented

case. For now, he’s called Harkham’s Case number one.” Bella smiled as a tear

leaked out. “Okay.” But nothing was. This changed everything.

Rated M for adult content even though it starts out in high school.


Harkham’s Corner


 Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella & Edward –
Chapters: 44 – Words: 171,764 – Reviews: 2,476 – Favs: 1,143 – Follows: 1,245 –
Updated: 06-29-14 – Published: 10-26-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8643786

By: bnpwrites

(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

It’s about friends and growing up. It’s about summer and laughter and
music. It’s about all the firsts.
 It’s about the one boy you’re never supposed to fall for. Ever.

Someone Like You

Someone Like You
  By: The Walrus and the Carpenter

Broken and abused, Bella moves from Australia to the U.S.A. to live with her
Uncle. Once there she enters a war-zone between her cousin, Jacob, and arrogant,
hot-headed Edward Cullen. While Bella immediately affects Edward’s life,
she is determined to keep him out of hers, before finding herself depending
on him to get her through the ghosts of her past. AH/AU. Humour added.

The Lost  
By: mamasutra
Bella Swan was not normal. She had been born with the gift of seeing the dead,
but to her it was a curse. She had sworn off her abilities as she returned to her
hometown to live out her final year of high school in an attempt at being normal,
but nothing is normal when you are the one hope at redemption for the spirit of
a lost boy.
*paranormal romance & drama* beta’d

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