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The Lonely Rain

The Lonely
By: Mrs.Robward


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It’s been said that the difference between love and fate is that you can fall in love with anyone,
but fate will decide who you’ll love in the end. Too bad Bella Swan no longer has any faith in
love or in fate.


Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
By: ashel-13

Edward thought of Bella as just a friend, but Bella always felt more.
That was 3 years ago and now she’s ready to make Edward Cullen fall
 in love with her and make this the best summer of her life.
All Human OOC Lemons Gall-lore! WARNING: NC-17

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Edward, Bella – 
Chapters: 77 – Words: 291,632 – Reviews: 11,605 – Favs: 8,407 – 
Follows: 2,521 – Updated: May 22, 2009 – Published: Feb 8, 2008
 Status: Complete – id: 4060407

Southern Charms and Chicago Shadows
  By: edwardsouthernbella

She wears a tiara. He carries a glock. They should not fall in love,
 but it’s hard to fight against the inevitable. Meanwhile, someone
 wants the beauty queen dead before she can win another title, but why?
 Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Suspense – Bella, Edward –
 Chapters: 12 – Words: 49,387 – Reviews: 12 – Favs: 2 – 
Follows: 4 – Published: 1h ago – Status: Complete – id: 9937435

The Runaways “NEW”

The Runaways

by robsessed73
When Bella was shipped off to a boarding school in New York the
last thing that she wanted was to meet someone and fall in love. That
was until she met 23 year old English teacher Edward Cullen. As
soon as they both met they knew that they were meant for each other
but others thought differently and decided to keep them apart. So they
decided to runaway together and leave everybody behind.

Who Is This?

Who Is This?
BY  theonlykyla
 photo pizapcom13792114982204.jpg
Is it possible to fall in love with someone that you’ve never laid eyes on?
Someone that only exists through technology? Bella receiving anonymous
texts only to find out in the end it’s someone she knows. Their journey of
falling in love through texts!

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – 
Chapters: 17 – Words: 12,820 – Reviews: 539 – Favs: 407 – 
Follows: 240 – Updated: 12-31-11 – Published: 09-02-11 – 
Status: Complete – id: 7346788

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