The Story of Us
by  seylexicullen

Dr. Edward Cullen came to Port Jervis for a new career little did he know he
would find the true love of his life, none other than coworker Bella Swan.
What happens when you get everything you could ever want when you never

asked for it? AH. Canon couple



Doctor’s Orders
by  reyes139

“I do not appreciate that kind of foul language coming out of such a
beautiful young lady’s mouth,” his velvety voice growled as he stalked
 over to where we stood. His masculine stature towering over mine
once in front of me… I felt intimidation mixed with want take over
my slim frame, causing my body shiver and my panties to dampen.
Letting Down the Walls
BY  Edward’s my obsession1971

Bella is a transfer to U Dub from Phoenix with severe self-
esteem issues from a chronic disease. Edward is a med school
student seeing patients at his Dad’s practice. When they meet,
will Bella let Edward in her life or is she too damaged for love?