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Jurisdiction “NEW”

By: StillDreaming85
War has ripped the world apart and Bella is living in one of the few cities
left in the States. Life is cruel, there is no freedom, food is scarce,
and a few people hold all the power. Will Bella be able to survive?
Will Edward be able to save her from Mike’s snare? – Thugward.


Don’t Let It End

Don’t Let It End
  By: RobstenLover93

She never expected him to come back from the war, she really never did.
 The last time he saw her, she had just told him she was pregnant and he
 couldn’t wait for the arrival of his child. Although will he make it in the
war to see the arrival of his child.



When Edward enlisted, he never expected to meet the woman
of his dreams right before he deployed. In order to save her
from the heartache of losing him, Bella receives a letter from
Edward, telling her not to wait and to find love. Never one to
give up, Bella vows that when Edward returns home, hers
will be the first face he sees. After an injury that almost claims
his life, Edward returns home, only to find himself on her
porch, praying for the nerve to knock when the door swings open…

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’
BY chocaholic123

1967. Summer stalked in like a lion that year, fierce and angry;
looking for someone to eat. Among the hippies, free love and
 Vietnam, we were forced to grow up, whether we wanted to or not.
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