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The Consequence of Miracles
  By: Travis Birkenstock
(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

Sometimes, the miracles we plead for come at a terrible price.
AH, dark subject matter.

Home Run “NEW”

Home Run
BY  staceleo
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They met in Curve Ball. They caused trouble in Grand Slam.
They are up to more mischief in Home Run. Why a trilogy?

Dear Bella Swan, you’re Playing with the Big Boys
 by Dobber17
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All Human. One day in gym class, Forks High learns that Bella Swan
 can kick. The football team needs a kicker. The result of that: Bella
makes the football team. The problem: None of the guys want
a girl on their team. ExB

First & Ten
 by Nolebucgrl
First & Ten by Nolebucgrl

Bella Swan is an aspiring sports writer and her first big assignment is to
interview the league’s biggest, not to mention hottest, quarterback. Will
 Edward Cullen school her in the rules of the game or will she teach
 him a thing or two? Rated M.

Running Home
by  twitina

Bella’s perfect life and happiness were stolen by a careless driver. Edward’s dreams were destroyed by a

horrible breakup and a health scare for his mother. They are both back in Forks. Will a tee ball team bring them together?

Home Run 
BY jadedandboring


All Human – Bella is a sports writer living & working in DC.
Edward works for the baseball team she covers on her sports
 beat. Chance meeting, tossed together for work.
 M for language & future lemons.

The Give Away Girl
by MrsSpaceCowboy
 photo Giveawaygirl2copy.jpg

Honor student Bella Swan has mastered the arts…of manipulating her divorced
 parents, rolling the perfect joint, and faking an orgasm. Who wouldn’t want to
 keep a girl like her? An unconventional coming of age tale for
Gen Xer Bella. Rated M.Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – 
Chapters: 32 – Words: 244,025 – Reviews: 2,269 – Favs: 1,920 – 
Follows: 1,727 – Updated: 12-13-12 – Published: 07-22-11 – 
Status: Complete – id: 7206314 

Lucky Strike
 by Twiddler83

*Winner of The Emerging Swan Awards for Best Humor –
short story* Edward Cullen is new to the pitching staff of
the Cardinals after being pulled up from the minors.
Opening day is one of the biggest days of this town.
An unexpected spectator gets a surprise she didn’t
see coming. Lemons M ExB Alt POV’s A/H

Stealing Home
BY  Nolebucgrl
 photo nolebucgrl-stealing-home-blog.jpg

Edward Cullen is hot shot baseball player in a bit of a slump. Bella Swan is the girl
that he couldn’t have long ago and now she’s his new owner and he can’t have her
 again. Will he walk away or swing for the fences?
 Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 2 –
Words: 20,278 – Reviews: 263 – Favs: 692 – Follows: 438 – Updated: 06-22-10 – 
Published: 06-07-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6031956

Grand Slam
BY  staceleo
 photo staceleo-grand-slam-blog.jpg


Bella and Edward are starting freshman year in college. What hijinks could they possibly get into when dealing with sororities, fraternities, amorous professors and a parrot named Annie Oakley? A Curve Ball sequel.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella & Edward –
 Chapters: 39 – Words: 33,445 – Reviews: 1,818 – Favs: 445 – 
Follows: 690 – Updated: 09-12-13 – Published: 05-23-13 –
 Status: Complete – id: 9320018

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