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BY  JonesnInDaHood
Beaches and boardwalks, endless summers and sugar cones.
Adulthood crept up on Bella Swan sometime ago.
Can a local skater make her feel young again?

A collaboration between
Hoodfabulous, and Jonesn.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 36 – Words: 37,781 – Reviews: 1,671 – Favs: 535 –
 Follows: 865 – Updated: Jun 24 – Published: Oct 24, 2013
 Status: Complete – id: 9790467


Skater Boy and Boarder Girl
By: Postapocalypticdepository

Risk-taking, thrill-seeking, foul-mouthed, skateboarding girl,
badass Bella has difficulty keeping her impulsive,
 trouble-making nature under control. Figure-skating,
perfectionistic, straight-laced, well-mannered,
 A-student, Edward just wants to focus on his Olympic goals.
 What happens when these two polar opposite cross paths?

Venice Beach Stories

Venice Beach Stories 
by Chicklette

A collection of o/s taking place in and around Venice Beach, CA.
Edward and Bella Meet not in the way they should.
This is an enjoyable story of the two.
Various POVs voices. Canon couples, AH. M for sex, drugs.
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