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Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love
by crazyexgirlfriend
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Edward,Bella, and Jacob are childhood friends who are now college roommates.
Edward, who only seems to care about one-night stands and his band with
Emmett and Jasper, and Bella, who has always been studious and responsible,
are constantly at odds with each other.  But everything is not always as it seems…


Grad Night
By: RobzBeanie
One last high school event changes Bella’s life in ways
                                                           she never imagined.
                                            ** BANDWARD CONTEST ENTRY **

By: twentyfourth and vine
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

There is no reason – no reason whatsoever that someone as famous as Edward Cullen
 would reply to a message someone sent him through social media.
 So why is he replying to me?

Rated: Fiction T – English – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,319 –
 Reviews: 192 – Favs: 61 – Follows: 120 – Updated: Jan 27 –
 Published: Jan 21 – Status: Complete – id: 10041170



Altered Measure
BY  kitchmill
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Edward Cullen is living life in the fast lane. As the lead singer of
Breaking Dawn, he gets any woman he wants and makes no
apologies for it. But when he sets his sights on timid Bella Swan,
his life becomes irrevocably altered. How will he handle being
thrown into fatherhood and co-parenting with the introverted beauty?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Family/Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 35 – Words: 87,870 – Reviews: 5,495 – Favs: 1,576 –
 Follows: 2,597 – Updated: 21m ago – Published: Aug 29 –
 Status: Complete – id: 9640843


Birds of a Feather
BY luckyirishtart
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He drives her mad. She frustrates him to no end. How did they let it
get this far? If you truly love someone, is it always worth
fighting for? ExB AH.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – 
Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 88,357 – 
Reviews: 1,135 – Favs: 492 – Follows: 896 –
 Updated: 1h ago – Published: Jul 5 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9459691

Twilight Moon: My life with Edward Cullen
by karencullen2007, Euphoria9

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Bella is a young sixteen year old.She met the lead singer of the band


called Twilight Moon,Edward Cullen.The two meet by one of Edward’s


 best friends.The attraction is there from the start.But how will they


 manage to date since she is only sixteen.Will Edward sacrifice his


 career to keep seeing her?Will he have to?Or can they keep it a


 secret from the media? Inspired Elvis and Me.

The Spotlight is On!

The Spotlight is On!
BY  paralighter4ever
(BANNER BY  By FSMeurinne)
Edward is a teen pop sensation who needs a new singing partner. Is Bella
the girl he’s been looking for?READ,RATE and REPLY! ALL HUMAN. Songfic!
Warning: There is an attempted rape scene later on in the story.


BY  MBella
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Edward is country music’s hottest star…Bella is just a small town girl…somehow
their world’s collide, and nothing is ever the same again.
Rated M for language and lemons.

Breaking The Habit
BY  twiXlite
 photo pizapcom13815222055101.jpg
After a tragic incident Edward&Bella break up, resulting in Edward
leaving town. Seven years later, they’ve both changed dramatically.
What happens when they meet again? Will they be able to work out
their differences, or is the past too much to handle?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella – 
Chapters: 26 – Words: 181,792 – Reviews: 725 – Favs: 467 – 
Follows: 508 – Updated: 06-05-12 – Published: 05-28-09 – id: 5093979

Beautiful Disaster
BY juliet2219
 photo 1805.jpg
Ultimatums were set and choices were made: 10yrs later
they come to regret what they’ve done. Bella has kept a
secret from Edward for 10yrs and the truth is about to
unravel. She has a brutal past and is a single mom, living
2 seperate lives. He is a crushed, bitter man who just
found out that he has a son! Will love prevail or have
the deceit left too many scars?

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