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BY  JonesnInDaHood
Beaches and boardwalks, endless summers and sugar cones.
Adulthood crept up on Bella Swan sometime ago.
Can a local skater make her feel young again?

A collaboration between
Hoodfabulous, and Jonesn.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 36 – Words: 37,781 – Reviews: 1,671 – Favs: 535 –
 Follows: 865 – Updated: Jun 24 – Published: Oct 24, 2013
 Status: Complete – id: 9790467


By: RuthlesslyYours

Isabella Swan is one of the most famous celebrities in the world….But she’s
 hiding an even bigger secret.

Power Play

Power Play  
By: CaraNo

It’s been seven years since they were last united as a makeshift family.
Seven years of fleeing their pasts, hiding their feelings, missing all of
 the pieces of their souls. The game that gave twin brothers Edward and
 Anthony their purpose will now help them reconcile their history and
make their own futures. What does that mean for the girl caught in the middle?

By: twentyfourth and vine
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

There is no reason – no reason whatsoever that someone as famous as Edward Cullen
 would reply to a message someone sent him through social media.
 So why is he replying to me?

Rated: Fiction T – English – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,319 –
 Reviews: 192 – Favs: 61 – Follows: 120 – Updated: Jan 27 –
 Published: Jan 21 – Status: Complete – id: 10041170



Highways and Broken Hearts
 B Y tanglingshadows
 photo 23mlpap.jpg

Always on his own Edward Masen makes his way to Seattle and encounters


 all the things he has spent his life avoiding. Can he overcome his insecurities


 and find love and friendship or will he sabotage his own happiness because


 he feels unworthy?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 33 –
 Words: 127,163 – Reviews: 521 – Favs: 441 – Follows: 173 – Updated: 08-27-10 –
 Published: 04-05-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5873111

The Friend Line
BY awish0921
(BANNER BY Chandrakanta)
Edward Cullen, one of Gucci’s top suit models is also a bit of a player.
Can the one constant girl who’s been in his life for the past three years
change this playboy’s ways, even if he’s only ever seen her as his best
friend? What happens when two friend cross the unspoken friend line?
Will it tear them apart or make them see what’s been right in front of them?
 Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward –
Chapters: 14 – Words: 44,632 – Reviews: 666 – Favs: 478 –
Follows: 900 – Updated: 1h ago – Published: Oct 7, 2013 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9747453

I See Something

I See Something
By: EternallyCullen


Written for FAGE 6 Pack: Edward thinks he’s in way over his


 head when Jasper signs him up for “Vocal Sensation”,


he’s not the conventional pop star – but will the judges see something more?



Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 6 – Words: 9,348 – Reviews: 56 – Favs: 41 –
 Follows: 57 – Updated: Oct 18, 2013 – Published: Oct 16, 2013 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9771596

Onscreen Chemistry “NEW”

Onscreen Chemistry
By: winterhorses
(banner by AnaRodFranco)

Bella, America’s young sweetheart on screen, is starring in her first R-rated film.
 Her co-star is Edward Cullen, Hollywood’s reputed playboy, and he won’t give
 her the time of day. Will they fizzle onscreen as Bella attempts to turn up the
heat in her first erotic scene, or can she cause a reaction powerful enough to
 burn through his arrogant, impassive facade?

Altered Measure
BY  kitchmill
 photo pizapcom13790335103201.jpg
Edward Cullen is living life in the fast lane. As the lead singer of
Breaking Dawn, he gets any woman he wants and makes no
apologies for it. But when he sets his sights on timid Bella Swan,
his life becomes irrevocably altered. How will he handle being
thrown into fatherhood and co-parenting with the introverted beauty?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Family/Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 35 – Words: 87,870 – Reviews: 5,495 – Favs: 1,576 –
 Follows: 2,597 – Updated: 21m ago – Published: Aug 29 –
 Status: Complete – id: 9640843


Birds of a Feather
BY luckyirishtart
 photo pizapcom138058135558012.jpg
He drives her mad. She frustrates him to no end. How did they let it
get this far? If you truly love someone, is it always worth
fighting for? ExB AH.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – 
Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 88,357 – 
Reviews: 1,135 – Favs: 492 – Follows: 896 –
 Updated: 1h ago – Published: Jul 5 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9459691

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