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The Pie Equation   6-1-2014
By: TheQueenWriter

Darnay Road 6-1-2014

By: counselor

Forget Her Not  6-1-2014

By: CrimsonHarps

(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

Inhale, Exhale 6-1-2014

By: Violet Bliss

Inside Out 6-2-2014

By: RobzBeanie

American Lit 6-4-2014
By: poppyandpeony

PossessiveWard 6-5-2014
By: karencullen2007


Magnolias in New York 6-7-2014

by Edwardsouthernbella

The Soul Speaks  6-8-2014
By: StaceyC73

She 6-8-2014

By: GemmaH

Don’t Fight It 6-8-2014

By: Tardis19

Beautiful People   6-12-2014
By: belledame


 photo 100005157903060pizapw1401652201_zpse473041b.jpg

Bound to Get Burned 6-15-2014

By: mamasutra

The Drop 6-10-2014

By: lola-pops

At His Command 6-14-2014

By: dpdp2317


Inside and Out 6-17-2014

By: lilmissweetsin2380


 photo 180jhj_zpsa0b3fe30.jpg

Let Me Love You 6-17-2014

By: Charming Cullen Lover


 photo 10464009_686323964749395_6457930287554143305_n_zpsc65194c5.jpg

Two Blue Lines 6-18-2014
By: Payton79

One Summer 6-18-2014

By: TGBMcCray

Stopping the Rain from Falling  6-23-2014

By: NatNatWriter

My Bella 6-23-2014

By: Krazyk85

Kick Start My Heart 6-24-2014

by RoniMarie10

So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want 6-24-2014

By: k8ln713

Nothing But the Truth 6-25-2014

By: MandyLeigh87

The Secret In The Tears 6-25-2014

By: RobstenLover93

Girl Code 6-26-2014

By: LayAtHomeMom

The Life of the Rich and Unsatisfied  6-26-2014
By: shelbs414

Date Night 6-26-2014

By: compass54

Friends with Benefits 6-28-2014
by tufano79

The Presidential Affair  6-29-2014
By: GeeklyChic95

About That Night 6-30-2014

by karencullen2007, Vampgirl79

Unforeseen Events Revisited 6-30-2014

by jmolly



Volunteer 13 “NEW”

Volunteer 13
  By: Edward’s Eternal
(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)
A favour for a friend. A few minutes of her life. Kiss a stranger and
see what happens. “Easy,” Rose insisted. “Kiss him and walk away.
” Will it be that simple?

Better Luck Next Time “NEW”

Better Luck Next Time  
By: Emotion Masen

Bella has always felt like she had the worst luck. Getting pregnant with her son
Alex from a busted condom while on the pill. Now 5 years later, her embarrassing &
unfortunate luck hasn’t changed when she gets locked out of her house in
nothing but a bathrobe, 1 slipper & a bag of garbage with her hot new neighbor
 Edward watching from his porch with a stupid sexy grin on his face.

Walk Away  
By: RobzBeanie
 photo e1fdc05658ec32c0f367472557c3fae0_zpsdaba7c73.jpg

**COMPLETE ** Bella takes a mental health


break from her real life, but she doesn’t expect


to find Edward. AH



Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – 
 Bella, Edward – Chapters: 36 – Words: 92,682 – 
Reviews: 421 – Favs: 192 – Follows: 170 –
 Updated: Sep 9, 2012 – Published: May 9, 2012 –
 Status: Complete – id: 8101804

Misery Loving Company  
By: Shady Phee

“The word depression always meant being really sad to me.
Boy was I wrong…” Bella’s suffers with minor depression
out of the blue and is forced to go to a psychologist, Dr. Edward Cullen,
by her best friend and roommate Alice. Will Dr. Cullen be able to help
 Bella or will their growing, unprofessional interest in each other
 interfere? A/H, A/U

Foolish Hearts
By: LyricalKris

The Oregon Trail. Over 2,000 miles of unforgiving wilderness stretches between
Bella and a new life. Edward knew from experience the trail was no place for young love,
but then, his heart was known to be foolish.

oolish Hearts
By: LyricalKris

The Oregon Trail. Over 2,000 miles of unforgiving wilderness stretches between
Bella and a new life. Edward knew from experience the trail was no place for young love,
but then, his heart was known to be foolish.

On Call

On Call  
By: Twilightobsessed09

Working in one of the busiest ERs in Chicago, Edward and Bella are colleagues who are
 meant for more than just a work relationship. As they grow closer, will the past allow
 them to be happy or will it return to rip them apart. AH, mature themes.

Hello LAlaland by Madi Merek – cover reveal


Hello LAlaland

Lost in LAlaland #1

Paparazzi, vodka cocktails, and sex. Welcome to LAlaland.

Winifred Chapman isn’t thrilled with the idea of her ten year reunion; especially not the idea of returning to LAlaland. Even in the midst of her thrilling career, she’s managed to avoid LA as often as possible, which is saying a lot for a world-renowned fashion designer. She has a life which women everywhere would envy, and has everything she needs . . . or so she thinks.

Anthony Ricci was the most popular guy at Westlake High, and the one Winifred thought would never look twice at her. A former professional athlete, he now runs a successful Italian restaurant in New York City. When they run into each other at the reunion and give in to a widely passionate night, Anthony decides he may want more than Winifred is willing to give.

Hating being known by the men she’s dated or slept with, Winifred has learned to take what she needs from them without investing emotionally. When she discovers Anthony’s old desire for her and disappears after their night together, he refuses to give her up.

Will he be able to show her that love doesn’t have to be a battle, or will LAlaland prove to be enough to destroy her carefully constructed walls?

Are you ready for the madness of LA?

Hello LAlaland 

April 1, 2014

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