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Picking Up The Pieces  
By: Mz.-S.R.P.-143

(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)
Divorcee, Bella is raising her daughter Edella Cullen just fine before
her good for nothing Ex – Husband pops back into the picture,
but people change. Right?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Family – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 11 – Words: 45,966 – Reviews: 93 – Favs: 178 – 
Follows: 93 – Updated: May 15, 2012 – Published: Jun 23, 2010 – 
Status: Complete – id: 6076751




So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want
By: k8ln713
(BANNER BY FallingSnow Winter)
It’s been five years since Bella’s returned to her hometown in St. Pete Beach.
Her reason: to finally get her husband, Edward, to give her a divorce.
She’s built a successful life for herself up in NY after leaving Edward,
but has been having trouble getting Edward to give in and sign the
divorce papers. Will Bella’s return make her remember that Edward was
always the one for her?

It’s Not Over
By: XxMemento MorixX
After a forced marriage filled with violence, Bella escapes from Edward with
their unborn child. Almost four years later, Edward has found her and their daughter
and he refuses to let them go.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Angst – Edward, Bella – 
Chapters: 36 – Words: 204,511 – Reviews: 2,007 – Favs: 1,281 – 
Follows: 1,818 – Updated: Jul 11 – Published: Jan 6, 2012 – 
Status: Complete – id: 7716887


Basically the premise is that Edward and Bella are divorced but civil to each
other for the sake of their kids. They are going away on a family vacation for
 the 4th of July weekend with the kids and other family members– including
Edward’s fiancee, Tanya.

Even in Death

Even in Death
By: allienicole16

She loved him even if she was just his mistress. my first drabble.

Confessions of a Billionaire’s Whore
BY  RuthlesslyYours
 photo pizapcom13803363021874.jpg
One time, no matter how hot or sexy was not enough. We both knew
it. So he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. For the next year my
body would belong to Edward R Cullen; the billionaire, the genius,
the sex addict and the married man. How did I get here and why
don’t I want to leave?

Fairytales and Other Lies We Were Told
By: mamasutra

Once upon a time there was a prince who loved his princess and
 a princess who lived for her prince. If only it had stayed that way,
but happily ever after is only the beginning and forever is alot longer
 than what a person would ever believe.

The Affair

The Affair
By: readingmama
Bella is married to her favorite Cullen. What happens when she tries to connect
his past with his future? Will their marriage survive? AH/AU.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 29 – Words: 57,771 – Reviews: 453 – Favs: 319 – 
Follows: 136 – Updated: Dec 26, 2009 – Published: Apr 28, 2009 – 
Status: Complete – id: 5025439

Lost, Disturbed and Seeking Revenge
By: ApplesBeyondTheWall
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

When her baby is kidnapped, Bella is forced to contact the last person she


 wants to be involved with. The Father. All Human, Cannon. Re-editing


 as of 03/12/2014, up to chapter 7 at the moment.



Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 18 – Words: 52,742 – Reviews: 267 – Favs: 447 – 
Follows: 197 – Updated: Mar 12 – Published: Feb 12, 2010 – 
Status: Complete – id: 5740079

Snap Shots
  By: crazykidwithbook

Edward files for divorce while Bella thinks back to how life


was before marriage. Bella tries hard to reconnect with her


old friends and rekindle her relationship with Edward before


 its too late.



Rated: Fiction K+ – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Bella, Edward – 


Chapters: 17 – Words: 28,091 – Reviews: 82 – Favs: 47 – Follows: 95 –

 Updated: Mar 14 – Published: Jan 2

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