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Falling Up, Down & into Place  
By: CallmeStac
Edward and Bella find young love, but will it dodge the curveballs of life?
See them struggle through the ups and downs until everything
 finally finds it’s place.

Getting Blitzed  
By: Nolebucgrl

The continuing adventures of Cockyback and Reed Girl.
College is over and real life awaits.
How will they handle the ups and downs thrown their way as Edward
 enters the NFL and Bella approaches graduation? Rated R for Rainbow.

Bleeding Love
by crazyexgirlfriend
( Banner by alicecullentwin)
Edward,Bella, and Jacob are childhood friends who are now college roommates.
Edward, who only seems to care about one-night stands and his band with
Emmett and Jasper, and Bella, who has always been studious and responsible,
are constantly at odds with each other.  But everything is not always as it seems…

By: jarielynn


Three people: two brothers and one girl. The Cullen brothers both love the same girl,
 Bella Swan. Emmett is her high school sweetheart; Edward is the man helping her
 through her pre-law classes. Who will she choose? Inspired by the song-
 Need You Now.
  Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Emmett, Edward – 
Chapters: 35 – Words: 94,913 – Reviews: 1,564 – Favs: 850 – Follows: 780 – 
Updated: Aug 2, 2012 – Published: May 29, 2010 – 
Status: Complete – id: 6006841

Infinite Visibility
By: TheFicChick
(BANNER BY  MinaRivera)

“Bella, I’m not perfect.” “I’ve loved perfect before, and he broke me anyway.” (A “Twilight”/”Remember Me” crossover.)
 Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama – Chapters: 18 – 
Words: 117,165 – Reviews: 1,693 – Favs: 623 –
 Follows: 742 – Updated: Jul 2 – Published: Apr 13, 2013 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9198986

BY  scorpsifer
Image result for anarodfranco  cheat   twilight fanfiction

“I love him. He loves someone else. Someone who is not me.

And it doesn’t matter.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 48 – Words: 42,641 – Reviews: 359 – Favs: 191 – 
Follows: 363 – Updated: Jul 20 – Published: Aug 4, 2013 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9564720

A Warm December
By: coldplaywhore
Image result for A Warm December By: coldplaywhore
(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

Bella Swan heads off to college in Seattle, with her high school boyfriend,
Mike Newton, in tow. Will Bella be able to resist the temptation that grows
 from her surprising friendship with Edward Cullen, and will he help her
 through her darkest days.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward, Bella – 
Chapters: 32 – Words: 83,502 – Reviews: 764 – Favs: 840 – 
Follows: 221 – Updated: Apr 2, 2009 – Published: Mar 19, 2009 –
 Status: Complete – id: 4934378

Home Run
BY  staceleo
 photo pizapcom13808187933021.jpg
They met in Curve Ball. They caused trouble in Grand Slam.
They are up to more mischief in Home Run. Why a trilogy?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward –
 Chapters: 20 – Words: 19,385 – Reviews: 968 – Favs: 373 – 
Follows: 571 – Updated: 2h ago – Published: Sep 13, 2013 – 
Status: Complete – id: 9683086

Bonne Foi “COMPLETE”

Bonne Foi  
By: Amethyst Jackson

AU. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire.
He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles
 across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward, Bella –
 Chapters: 41 – Words: 169,901 – Reviews: 14,471 – Favs: 10,233 –
 Follows: 7,836 – Updated: May 8, 2012 – Published: Nov 6, 2008 – 
Status: Complete – id: 4639011

Letting Down the Walls
By: Edward’s my obsession1971

Bella suffers from anxiety and self-esteem issues due to cruelty she’s endured
from her chronic psoriasis. With her mom, Renee, newly wed, Bella decides
to transfer from college in Phoenix to college in Seattle to be closer to her dad,
Charlie. Edward has sworn off women, and is in Med School to follow in his
dad’s footsteps and become a dermatologist. What happens when E & B meet?

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