Deep in the Heart of Me
By: counselor
Opens in 1934. Tonio is oldest of nine, farmboy. Sobe is the new lawman’s daughter.
She shows up at Tonio’s school. What seems inevitable quickly becomes impossible.


Ticking Time Bomb
  By: KleoCullen
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(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)
Bella Swan was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago. Her cancer is growing rapidly and
she knows she only has a few more weeks left, before she will die. In that time she tries
to make up with 3 loved ones that hate her. One of them is Edward Cullen,
her ex-boyfriend who has no clue that the reason Bella broke up with him was
her cancer. Will they forgive her before its too late?

So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want
By: k8ln713
(BANNER BY FallingSnow Winter)
It’s been five years since Bella’s returned to her hometown in St. Pete Beach.
Her reason: to finally get her husband, Edward, to give her a divorce.
She’s built a successful life for herself up in NY after leaving Edward,
but has been having trouble getting Edward to give in and sign the
divorce papers. Will Bella’s return make her remember that Edward was
always the one for her?

Honest Liar  
By: aWhiteBlankPage
(BANNER BY  time lights)

Bella once told me that there was nothing braver than a flower
 growing through a crack in the sidewalk. I laughed because sh
e was always giving feelings to things that don’t feel. If she was
standing next to me, I’d tuck the dandelion behind her ear. Or she’d
blow on it and make a wish. A hundred wishes. Or maybe just one.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Chapters: 29 – Words: 86,792 – Reviews: 2,928 – Favs: 1,539 – 
Follows: 2,010 – Updated: May 18 – Published: Jun 26, 2012 – 
Status: Complete – id: 8257657




Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
By: TheFicChick

(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

“It’s the first time I realize that for all of the significance boy-Edward

holds in my past, man-Edward is a stranger to me.

The thought is at once liberating and heartbreaking,

and I don’t know what to do with it: how do you forgive

someone who no longer exists? How do you hold a man

accountable for a boy’s carelessness?”



Rated: Fiction M – English – Friendship/Angst – Edward, Bella –

Chapters: 50 – Words: 59,282 – Reviews: 7,094 – Favs: 1,214 –

Follows: 1,615 – Updated: May 18 – Published: Mar 28

Status: Complete – id: 10223423

Something To Hold On To
By: WinterSunshine
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)
One misjudged night between a young couple results in a teenage pregnancy.
Will Bella and Edward-against all odds-push through the adversities and stick
together,or will the pressure be too much for them? This is a story of hope,
love and, above all, letting go.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Spiritual – Bella, Edward –
 Chapters: 30 – Words: 71,751 – Reviews: 59 – Favs: 54 – 
Follows: 100 – Updated: May 5 – Publish
ed: Dec 11, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9918028

  By: eternallyedward
(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, first everything.
 With him, everything was perfect. Even when it wasn’t.
 **Winner, Judge’s Choice & Second Place, Public Vote,
 First Time Fumbles Contest.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – 
Words: 8,692 – Reviews: 10 – Favs: 25 – Follows: 26 – 
Published: Mar 29 – Status: Complete – id: 10225928

One Day

One Day
By: RueforRegret
(BANNER BY jarkin33)

Over a quarter of a century separates single-mother Bella Swan from her
 hormone-riddled adolescence. Watching her teenaged daughter navigate
 her way through various rites of passage, Bella can’t help falling prey to nostalgia.
 “One Day” brims with steamy reminiscences of first love and traces one woman’s
mid-life attempt to reclaim it. ExB, AH, mild angst, M-Rated 18 & over.

Weather With You
By: MagTwi78
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

Long days are spent swimming in the river with your mates, and trying to


 catch the eye of the cute boy from out of town. It might be a hundred degrees


 in the shade, but we’ll still wear silly paper hats and eat a big, hot, roast dinner.


This is Christmas in Australia, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. E/B.



Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 6 
– Words: 39,174 – Reviews: 199 – Favs: 120 – Follows: 221 –
 Updated: Jan 30 – Published: Dec 23, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9951830


Wake Up My Love
By: ocealyn
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

Edward Cullen has loved his best friend, Isabella Swan for as long as he can remember.
On the day he had planned to confess his feelings, she ran into a terrible car accident and
 ended up in a Coma. How will Edward react? Will Fate bring her back to him?



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