Forever and Almost Always  
By: junebugjazzy
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

Carlie, I hope to God, that you never have to choose between good and good enough.
 I hope that your good is uncomplicated and everything you ever dreamt of,
because love should never be compromised.” (chapter 5) Bella tells her daughter
 about how she met her father, the older, illustrious, and very married Edward Cullen.

Where forgiveness ends
by diannita
Healing can only begin where forgiveness ends… Bella is single, a virgin,
and a high school teacher who is completely content with her life. Edward,
a former solider in the Irish mafia turned family lawyer, is completely
withdrawn and cares only for himself. Both are forced into an arranged marriage.
Can they get it together long to survive a clash between the Irish Mob
and a vicious Mexican Cartel?

The Boss’s Wife

The Boss’s Wife
BY  twillover1313
Homeless Bella meets Edward just after being rescued from an assault.
Mob boss Edward meets Bella just after being told he’s out of time…he
has to find a wife. Can they help each other? AH

BY CaraNo
A mafia tale about love, loyalty, betrayal, and family. Told in three parts:
Grand Tale, Grand Vendetta, and Grand Finale. We’ll begin in 1975 and
follow a family through the MGM Grand fire, the Dunes implosion, and
the opening of Mandalay Bay.


Marriage and other Catastrophes
BY  Angel-Miyu

 photo FotoFlexer_Photo.jpg
Bella Swan thought she’d escapes the life of the high society,
but her family forced her to marry Edward Cullen, heir to the
most prestigious family in North America. But Bella won’t
give up. She’ll fight for her happiness and maybe she’ll find
love in the end.

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