There’s a new site were you can read and find  TWILIGHT FANFICTION.








This site is the same as




The writer’s coffee shop






Twilighted Net




Alot of the Twilight FanFiction writer’s are moving there stories there.


Read below why.











About FictionPad(


Fans of fan fiction deserve better! Right?
That’s why we built this site. We are fans of fan fiction who wanted something better. We realized that many of the other popular fan fiction sites either lacked a personal connection to the material or did not have the features and ease-of-use we modern-day fan fiction fanatics crave.



The FictionPad Team

What happens when you mix computer geeks with fans of fan fiction? You get FictionPad. Our vision is to revolutionize the way that readers and writers interact and build more than just a library of fan fiction stories. Our goal is to utilize cutting edge technology to create the most engaging and interactive author/reader experience on the web.
We hope you’ll find this site intuitive, attractive, reliable and, most importantly, one that fosters a sense of community linking creative people together.
Jon Wade