Dissecting Edward

BY  chynnadoll36

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I’m aware that the ending for Dissecting Edward is not what many readers
were expecting. The truth of the matter is that when I started this story, I
had a specific ending in mind. But as the story progressed, and the
characters took on a life of their own, the original plot line twisted and
turned so much that it became clear to both me and my beta that we would
not be able to do the story or the characters justice in just one volume.
We are planning on co-writing a sequel, but do not intend to start work on
it immediately. We have written a prologue to the sequel, which you can find
as an outtake to Dissecting Edward, following this chapter.
At this stage, we cannot make any definitive promise about its future. So
for now, Doctors Bella and Edward and all their family, friends and
antagonists are on an extended break to give us time to do them justice.
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There are other characters and stories that have been knocking at our
creative doors for some time now, and they simply refuse to be ignored any
I’ve felt honored that you have taken the time to read my work, and I’d like
to thank every one of you who has devoted her (or his) time to read and
review Dissecting Edward.
Any readers of DE, who may wish to receive news or updates about the
sequel, please place me on author alert to ensure you don’t miss out on any
I’ve appreciated the support and encouragement of so many, and your
feedback has kept me inspired to keep writing. I’ve even valued the negative
comments when they’ve been fair or objective.
I do hope that you will continue to read and enjoy my writing.
FoolforEdward, and I are co-writing a new story called COUNSEL and will
be posting it on our joint FF page under the profile of WriteSisters.
Here’s a little teaser:
I make eye contact with Jacob Black, Defense Counsel and smirk surreptitiously.
He and I have gone toe to toe many times, and, thus far, my record remains
unblemished. He despises me I know, but fucked if I care. It was his stupidity that
put his client on the stand, leaving her wide open to my cross-examination. I ignore
his narrowed eyes and tightly pursed lips and get back to business, as I strut
confidently across the front of the courtroom. I own this place, this is my stage, here
I am the lead actor, and I play my role brilliantly. All the hours of sifting through
evidence, applying the law and building my case ends here, in this place, on this
stage. I love it; I live for it. For me, there is no high better than this; only sex comes
close to giving me the same feeling of power and control.”
Join us in the new scandalous journey of “COUNSEL”
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