Beneath the Undertow
by  aftrnoondlight

Dreams past, circumstance and sacrifice… young Edward and Bella
bravely smile through the tears on life’s complicated path. A short
journey of pure and true devotion… of choosing love above all
 else. EPOV M for Language & Lemons
It is about teen pregnancy and the struggles you have to endure, not the
 drama of shows like “16 & Pregnant” but real life drama such as,
 how are you going to face life when things don’t go according to
 plan and you are forced to face things that you should never have
to face as a young parent, and you struggle to pay the bills when
someone loses a job?

As Edward and Bella find their way through these real life issues,

it shows us that while true love can conquer all it isn’t always an
easy path to get to the finish line.