A Tale of Two Edwards!
by kArlITaLUna

An awesome collaboration between XShear and kARLITALUNA.
Based loosely on Bridget Jones’s Diary. Sex and hiliarty ensue.

Bella Swan was your average woman working for a publishing company. She was certain that she was destined to be alone for eternity, much to her mother’s dismay. However, two very different yet very similar men happen to walk into her life and change everything.
Hilarity and sex ensue. Loosely based on the movie, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”.


A Tale of Two Edwards: Moving Forwards & Backwards.


Spinsterhood bounded Bella Swan has finally found the love of her life, Edward William Cullen. Both are committed to making their new-found relationship work, but exactly how much are they willing to give when certain situations threaten to tear them apart?
Meanwhile, playboy Edward James Masen has finally found hope within his pathetic love life when an old flame reappears. But, how much is he really willing to sacrifice for his first love? And how much is his first love really over her troubled past?
Only time, trust and true love will tell. This simply is a story of four people who are trying to find and keep what everyone desires – their true love.
Banner made by our lover, Jennmc. You rock our socks.