Revolving Door- An Edward and Bella Journey.
by chelletwi83
When I was eight he stole my first kiss by the yellow bin at recess.
When I was twelve he and his friend Zack lit my hair on fire on the school bus.
When I was 17 he pulled me into an alleyway and kissed me.
When I was 19 he came home from duty and took me back to his place.
At 20 I gave birth to his daughter.
At 21 I lost his new unborn baby- I never told him.
Now at the age of 26 I prepare for my little girls 6th birthday and wonder if he’ll show up or even remember at all.
It’s been this way for years now and I know he won’t change. I know he’s not good for either of us.

Edward and Bella’s lives have always thrown them together in one way or another.
When they have a passionate relationship in their late teens will they pull through the challenges life brings them together or will Edward sail away.
Warning- This story is not for you if you cant handle angst or a jackass Edward.