Inveigled by beauty
by Robshandmonkey

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Edward Cullen is a wealthy businessman who has always had a fantasy of being with two women at the same time. His best friend Rosalie who has on occasion been one of his lovers decided that one night she was going to help him live that fantasy and she was willing to experiment.

Bella Swan is a bright young lady who is determined to go to an ivy league college and has saved for two years while she works as a stripper for a very upscale gentlemens club to pay her bills.


That fateful night changes all three of their lives when the passion in that room surely ignites fires in all three of them they never knew existed.
But will a lie surely put out that fire and destroy all of them?
This is a short story that has been there in my head for a while.
It contains strong sexual scenes between Edward, Rosalie and Bella. There will be angst, alcohol use, and very strong vulgar language.