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Forget Her Not

Forget Her Not  
By: CrimsonHarps

Bella has hated Edward for years, but thanks to a recent head injury,
she doesn’t seem to remember who he is let alone her feelings of intense hatred.
 Meanwhile, Edward decides to have some fun with his favorite adversary
  when the opportunity arises. What’s a girl who can’t remember supposed
to do when her sworn enemy claims they’ve secretly been friends with
benefits for months?

A Warm December
By: coldplaywhore
(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

Bella Swan heads off to college in Seattle, with her high school boyfriend,
Mike Newton, in tow. Will Bella be able to resist the temptation that grows
 from her surprising friendship with Edward Cullen, and will he help her
 through her darkest days.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward, Bella - 
Chapters: 32 – Words: 83,502 – Reviews: 764 – Favs: 840 - 
Follows: 221 – Updated: Apr 2, 2009 – Published: Mar 19, 2009 -
 Status: Complete – id: 4934378

Watch Me Burn
BY  Livie79
 photo pizapcom13818745658056.jpg
There were a lot of words to describe my relationship with Bella Swan. I just
never imagine that “over” would be one of them.
Entry for TLS Angst Contest.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 11
 - Words: 56,617 – Reviews: 1,422 – Favs: 794 – Follows: 1,173 - 
Updated: 5h ago – Published: Aug 24, 2013
: Complete – id: 9628108

By: ericastwilight

His reality was made of nightmares. She was plagued by them.
Will she conquer her fears in time? Can he protect her?

Key West “NEW”

Key West
By: pattyrose
Bella is 5 minutes away from what’s to be her happiest day -
when a phone call changes it all. Frustrated and pissed-off,
she embarks on a 10 day vacay to Key West, hoping for some
space in which to clear her head, but when she meets the cocky,
flirty and sexy-as-sin diving instructor, her plans take a much
steamier turn. BxE Summer Short Story with M thru F updates. Rated M.

Forever and Almost Always  
By: junebugjazzy
(BANNER BY AnaRodFranco)

Carlie, I hope to God, that you never have to choose between good and good enough.
 I hope that your good is uncomplicated and everything you ever dreamt of,
because love should never be compromised.” (chapter 5) Bella tells her daughter
 about how she met her father, the older, illustrious, and very married Edward Cullen.

It’s Not Over
By: XxMemento MorixX
After a forced marriage filled with violence, Bella escapes from Edward with
their unborn child. Almost four years later, Edward has found her and their daughter
and he refuses to let them go.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Angst – Edward, Bella - 
Chapters: 36 – Words: 204,511 – Reviews: 2,007 – Favs: 1,281 - 
Follows: 1,818 – Updated: Jul 11 – Published: Jan 6, 2012
Status: Complete – id: 7716887

From Vegas with love
By: cristinaN
(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

A ruthless criminal detached from all emotions brought to Las Vegas on a job.
 A young woman trying to move on after escaping an abusive relationship.
One drunken night brings them together. Will she be able to melt his frozen heart?
Will he be able to show her the love she so desperately needs?
The Pie Equation   6-1-2014
By: TheQueenWriter

Darnay Road 6-1-2014

By: counselor

Forget Her Not  6-1-2014

By: CrimsonHarps

(BANNER BY Anarodfranco)

Inhale, Exhale 6-1-2014

By: Violet Bliss

Inside Out 6-2-2014

By: RobzBeanie

American Lit 6-4-2014
By: poppyandpeony

PossessiveWard 6-5-2014
By: karencullen2007


Magnolias in New York 6-7-2014

by Edwardsouthernbella

The Soul Speaks  6-8-2014
By: StaceyC73

She 6-8-2014

By: GemmaH

Don’t Fight It 6-8-2014

By: Tardis19

Beautiful People   6-12-2014
By: belledame


 photo 100005157903060pizapw1401652201_zpse473041b.jpg

Bound to Get Burned 6-15-2014

By: mamasutra

The Drop 6-10-2014

By: lola-pops

At His Command 6-14-2014

By: dpdp2317


Inside and Out 6-17-2014

By: lilmissweetsin2380


 photo 180jhj_zpsa0b3fe30.jpg

Let Me Love You 6-17-2014

By: Charming Cullen Lover


 photo 10464009_686323964749395_6457930287554143305_n_zpsc65194c5.jpg

Two Blue Lines 6-18-2014
By: Payton79

One Summer 6-18-2014

By: TGBMcCray

Stopping the Rain from Falling  6-23-2014

By: NatNatWriter

My Bella 6-23-2014

By: Krazyk85

Kick Start My Heart 6-24-2014

by RoniMarie10

So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want 6-24-2014

By: k8ln713

Nothing But the Truth 6-25-2014

By: MandyLeigh87

The Secret In The Tears 6-25-2014

By: RobstenLover93

Girl Code 6-26-2014

By: LayAtHomeMom

The Life of the Rich and Unsatisfied  6-26-2014
By: shelbs414

Date Night 6-26-2014

By: compass54

Friends with Benefits 6-28-2014
by tufano79

The Presidential Affair  6-29-2014
By: GeeklyChic95

About That Night 6-30-2014

by karencullen2007, Vampgirl79

Unforeseen Events Revisited 6-30-2014

by jmolly



The Heart Wants
By: JenRar

Stepsiblings Emmett & Bella have fought an attraction for years,
but one game of “I Never” compels them to act. Emmett’s best
 friend Edward gets involved, and life gets a little more interesting.
 Em/B, E/B, Em/B/E. E/B HEA. AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – [Bella, Edward, Emmett] – Chapters: 9 - 
Words: 24,296 – Reviews: 709 – Favs: 657 – Follows: 658 - 
Updated: Jul 17, 2013 – Published: Jul 1, 2013
Status: Complete – id: 9445720


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